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Symptoms of depression

The reason why many depressions are not treated early is because they have not been detected, and they always feel that they are normal. Therefore, we must be good at discovering, we must be good at detecting wrong emotions, and more importantly, we must realize that bad emotions are not a problem of thinking, but may be a problem of illness. The common symptoms of depression are as follows:


What is pterygium

In fact, this problem is called pterygium, which is a chronic inflammatory disease. The main manifestation is that on the surface of our bulbar conjunctiva, a layer of fibrous vascular membrane will grow out of the white eyeballs, which will grow into the middle of the cornea in a triangular shape. Because it looks like an insect’s wings in appearance, it is called pterygium. Traditional Chinese medicine used to be called “Phymal Supplementing Eyes”. There is also a saying called “fish”. Of course, there are some patients who may mistakenly think that they are cataracts, but they are not.


Don’t panic if you have genital warts

First of all, let’s talk about the disease of genital warts, which is a kind of human papillomavirus, it is a virus! note! Not bacteria! It is something that you originally have in your body. When you have long nipples, there will be a virus lurking in your body. One hundred percent of everyone will have a papillomavirus in their lives, appearing in various forms, but some are not prominent. Symptoms, some symptoms are only a little more serious, and genital warts is one of the many papilloma viruses


Does your child have ADHD

What is ADHD
Children’s ADHD is called attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in clinical medicine. It is the most common mental health problem for preschool children. Most of them onset before the age of 7, and it is also the main cause of learning difficulties for elementary and middle school students. The domestic incidence rate is 5 % ~9%, occupying the first place among children’s psychological clinics.


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