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How to count the number of days in your menstrual cycle

When you come to menstruation now, there is a certain periodicity. Generally, the periodicity is calculated in 28 days. When we want to infer the next time when the menstrual period is the next time, we can do it through calculations and methods. How to care for the menstrual period and understand the changes in the body, so today I will share with you, how to calculate the menstrual cycle is correct.


How to cure allergic rhinitis by moxibustion?

The spleen and stomach are the foundation of acquired nature, the source of Qi and blood, and the stronger the spleen and stomach will strengthen the resistance of the whole body. Moxibustion to strengthen the spleen and stomach can be used by most people in the treatment of allergic rhinitis, urticaria, and allergic asthma. It is green and healthy and has no side effects.


How to correct a knock knees X-shaped leg

Due to factors such as congenital factors or acquired incorrect stance, many women have formed X-shaped legs. X-shaped legs are medically called knee valgus. When people with X-shaped legs stand side by side, the knee joints on both sides touch together first, but the heels of the two feet are not close together. There are gaps between the thighs and calves, and the gait of two knees touching each other will appear when walking. X-shaped legs are a common deformity of the lower limbs with a very high incidence. In some areas, up to 20% of women have X-shaped legs. X-shaped legs not only affect women’s physical beauty, but also cause lameness, knee arthritis and other diseases, which seriously affect women’s lives.


People with epilepsy remember not to touch these things

Although patients with epilepsy are completely indistinguishable from normal people when they have no seizures, patients must remind themselves to protect themselves at all times, especially in diet. Many foods cannot be eaten. A little attention will cause epileptic seizures. The recovery of the body is completely beneficial. The following will give you a detailed introduction of what foods are not suitable for patients with epilepsy.


Wake up in the morning, what is the reason for the eyes full of shit?

When many people wake up in the morning, they will encounter such an embarrassing situation. They want to open their eyes, but find that their eyes are tightly covered by eye feces. They have to rub their eyes with their hands, only to find that the eye feces are actually brushed. I found that there was a lot of eye feces, and when I continued to open my eyes, I would find that my eyelids were so painful.


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