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Ping Pong: The Playful Politics of Senator Lacson ===

Senator Panfilo Lacson is well-known for his serious and straightforward demeanor in the Philippine Senate. But beyond the halls of Congress, the senator is a lover of the game of ping pong. In recent years, Senator Lacson has become more vocal about his passion for the sport, even hosting charity tournaments and showcasing his skills in friendly matches with fellow politicians and media personalities. Here, we explore the playful side of Senator Lacson’s personality and how his love for ping pong has become intertwined with his political career.

Senator Lacson’s Secret Love: Ping Pong

While Senator Lacson’s affinity for ping pong may come as a surprise to some, those close to him have known about his secret love for the sport for many years. In interviews, the senator has revealed that he first learned how to play ping pong during his stint as a police officer, where he and his colleagues would play during their downtime. He has since become a skilled player, even competing in tournaments both in the Philippines and abroad.

The Senator’s Ping Pong Playground

Senator Lacson’s love for ping pong has not gone unnoticed in his office. In fact, the senator has turned a portion of his office into his own personal ping pong playground, complete with a table, paddles, and balls. The senator has even been known to challenge his staff to games during breaks or after work hours.

Ditching Ties for Ping Pong Paddles

In recent years, Senator Lacson has been spotted at various events sporting a different kind of accessory: ping pong paddles. The senator has been known to ditch his usual suit and tie for more comfortable clothes, including a t-shirt and shorts, when playing the sport. He has even gone so far as to bring his own paddles to events where ping pong tables are available.

A Game of Strategy and Skill

For Senator Lacson, ping pong is not just a game of physical skill, but also one of strategy. He has been known to analyze his opponent’s playing style and adjust his own strategy accordingly. The senator’s quick reflexes and ability to read the ball have also made him a formidable opponent on the table.

A Stress-Reliever for the Senator

With the pressures of being a senator, it’s no surprise that Senator Lacson turns to ping pong as a way to relieve stress. The sport allows him to take a break from the demands of his job and focus on something completely different. In interviews, the senator has even credited ping pong with helping him think more clearly and make better decisions.

Lacson Vs The Senate: A Ping Pong Battle

Senator Lacson’s love for ping pong has even led to friendly matches with his colleagues in the Senate. In one instance, the senator challenged his fellow senators to a ping pong tournament, with the winner taking home bragging rights. While Senator Lacson may have come out on top in that particular contest, it was all in good fun and allowed the senators to bond over something other than politics.

From Ping Pong to Politics

While ping pong may seem like an unlikely connection to politics, Senator Lacson has found a way to use his love for the sport as a means of connecting with his constituents. Through charity tournaments and friendly matches, the senator has been able to reach out to a wider audience and show a different side of himself beyond his role in the Senate.

The Power of Ping Pong Diplomacy

Senator Lacson’s love for ping pong has also led to opportunities for diplomacy. In 2019, the senator was invited to play in a ping pong match with officials from China, including the mayor of Beijing. The match was seen as a way to strengthen ties between the Philippines and China, with Senator Lacson even joking that he hoped his ping pong skills would help with the country’s territorial disputes with China.

Lacson’s Ping Pong Charity Tournaments

Senator Lacson has also used his love for ping pong as a way to give back to the community. In recent years, he has hosted several charity tournaments, with the proceeds going to various causes such as education and disaster relief. These tournaments have not only raised much-needed funds, but have also provided a fun and accessible way for people to get involved in charitable causes.

The Future of Ping Pong in Philippine Politics

As Senator Lacson continues to showcase his love for ping pong, it’s possible that other politicians may follow suit. The senator’s passion for the sport has not only shown a different side to his personality, but has also served as a way to connect with constituents and strengthen diplomatic ties. Who knows? Perhaps one day we’ll see ping pong tables installed in the halls of Congress.


Senator Lacson’s love for ping pong may seem like a small detail in the grand scheme of Philippine politics, but it serves as a reminder that even our leaders have playful and relatable sides to their personalities. By combining his love for the sport with his role in the Senate, Senator Lacson has shown that politics doesn’t always have to be serious and that even the smallest of hobbies can have a big impact.


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