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When women reach middle-aged and old age, various functions of the body gradually weaken, and not only are they prone to gynecological diseases, some women also suffer from severe hair loss, and a lot of hair is lost every time they comb their hair. So, what is the cause of severe hair loss in women? In fact, there are many reasons for female hair loss. In addition to mental stress, it is also related to factors such as nutrition and endocrine. Most of my friends are frustrated with hair loss. Let me see what to do if women suffer from severe hair loss.
What are the causes of severe hair loss in women? What are the causes of severe hair loss in girls? What should I do if women have severe hair loss?
What is the cause of severe hair loss? What should I do if women suffer from severe hair loss? Due to normal metabolism, everyone will lose hair. Most of them are normal hair replacements. Don’t worry, but some serious hair loss has affected life. Pay attention to it. What is the cause of severe hair loss? There are many reasons for hair loss, the most common ones are as follows:
1. Mental aspects: high work and study pressure, lack of sleep, lack of thinking, overuse of the brain, anxiety, depression, etc. will interfere with hair growth.
2. Improper hair care: such as electricity, hair dyeing, straightening, etc. will cause hair damage and fall out.
3. Nutrition: partial eclipse, weight loss, malnutrition, anemia, etc. can also affect hair growth. Women who lose weight often eat vegetarian food, such as vegetables, fruits, and flour, resulting in insufficient protein and trace elements, and unbalanced nutrition, leading to so-called female hair loss.
4. Endocrine disorders: such as postpartum or miscarriage, oral contraceptives, irregular menstruation, menopause, etc., endocrine imbalances, affecting the growth cycle of hair.
5. Long-term use of the computer: Long-term use of the computer, high energy concentration, resulting in abnormal hair secretion, clogged hair follicles, insufficient hair nutrition, and eventually hair loss.
6. Spicy and irritating food: This diet method directly or indirectly affects the health of the hair. Many women like spicy and greasy foods, which can easily cause sebum secretion and block hair follicles. Some women like to eat sweets, which will make bacteria multiply faster. If you keep this eating habit for a long time, your hair will fall off naturally.
Under the stimulation of these external factors, it will cause insufficient nutrition, hair follicle disease and a “pseudo-death” state, unable to absorb nutrients from the scalp, and hair will become thinner, yellow, and withered. Hair follicles shrink or die, hair will lose its source of nutrients, just like a tree loses nutrients and water, the leaves naturally fall off, leading to hair loss. Therefore, the root cause of hair loss is damage to hair follicles.
What should I do if women suffer from severe hair loss? In order to treat hair loss, there are many habits that need to be paid attention to in life:
1. “Calmness.” Generally, we should maintain an optimistic and positive mood and properly deal with various challenges. When we stay calm and calm, our body will naturally be in an ideal state of balance, and our hair will grow well.
2. “The body must exercise.” The lifestyle and work style of modern people are mostly sedentary, which is not conducive to blood circulation. Therefore, please do more exercises, including jogging, swimming, qigong, yoga, etc.
3. “Food must be supplemented.” Chinese medicine believes that the kidneys are “flowered on the hair”, and the condition of the hair reflects whether the kidneys are full of fragrance. Black food can enter the kidneys and keep the hair. You can usually eat some black foods, such as black fungus, black beans, silky chicken, etc.
4. “Indenter”. Brush your hair every day, or massage your scalp for 5 minutes. At the same time, using the “hair label combo set” before this can promote the blood circulation of the hair follicles and is also conducive to hair growth.
5. “Enough sleep.” Chinese medicine believes that “the blood will flow to the liver when a person lies down.” If you sleep enough, the liver will be full of blood. Insufficient sleep and liver blood are often accompanied by hair loss. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure adequate sleep.
After the above introduction, how to treat severe hair loss? Everyone must understand the causes of severe hair loss in women. In fact, both men and women, severe hair loss can make people feel psychologically uneasy. Therefore, when female hair loss is severe, you must go to the hospital for an examination, and then find out the root cause of the hair loss and hair loss, and then you can find the best treatment with the help of a doctor. In order to treat female hair loss, it is necessary to develop good living habits, such as paying more attention to diet, exercise, mood and sleep quality.

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