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First of all, let’s talk about the disease of genital warts, which is a kind of human papillomavirus, it is a virus! note! Not bacteria! It is something that you originally have in your body. When you have long nipples, there will be a virus lurking in your body. One hundred percent of everyone will have a papillomavirus in their lives, appearing in various forms, but some are not prominent. Symptoms, some symptoms are only a little more serious, and genital warts is one of the many papilloma viruses, it just grows in an awkward place. The sharp virus does not exist in the blood, the virus is only in the dermis, so everything Injections and medicine on the premise of killing the virus are hooliganism. All effective treatments are to eliminate warts and allow the autoimmune system to adapt and improve to achieve recovery.

genital warts will not die, but it will affect the appearance. The wart body is easy to break, and it is easy to be infected if it is broken. In the end, it will be cured without treatment. You must pay attention to avoid infecting others if you get the tip. Drinking can jump and jump. Pointy is the lightest STD, and it can be cured by finding the right method.

In my opinion, genital warts are better than flu and fungal infections. How many people died from the early flu? The tip is at least life-threatening. It takes a while for a cold, a cough, a fever, and a sore body. There are also people who have repeated colds throughout the year. The cold is also contagious. The cold virus is also very stubborn and complicated. There are many variants. In the end, it will be cured by improving your own immunity. At least this sharp clinical cure will not recur without the secondary infection! Developed countries’ opinions on genital warts are related to skin beauty issues, so it’s not a big deal.


1: Go to the hospital immediately if you find a long tip during the treatment?

Don’t worry, don’t panic. If it’s not painful or itchy, you can wait a lot. Go to the hospital for treatment after the wart is obvious. You don’t need to find a bulge and go to the hospital to go to the laser for freezing. You have to know that it may be a sebaceous gland. Cysts may go away in a few days, and it’s hard to eat and get tired after repeated exercises. Sometimes just after going home a few times in the hospital, I found that another one appeared next to them. This led to the number of treatments that everyone said. In short, regular treatment is king!

2: Is it necessary to do laser, photodynamic, freezing, microwave, electrocautery?

It depends on whether it is necessary. Physical therapy can be done in large numbers of warts, and physical therapy can be used in some places where the medicine is not well penetrated. It is not a photodynamic therapy as soon as you go to the hospital regardless of the location. Laser or something, you need to know how much medicine is, how much is a photodynamic therapy, which one makes money? Therefore, if you have a little brain, you should think about whether you need it or not. Don’t go to the doctor in a hurry. In short, physical therapy depends on the location and the location. You must choose the right method of treatment.

3: Repeated episodes of pain do not want to live?

As far as the location is concerned, the urethra, intra-anus, and vaginal treatments are more painful. Where else can they be painful? ? Most of the sharp points are not sensible, and some are itchy, so I feel that repeated episodes are not easy to treat. People who lose confidence in their mental breakdown are treated with the mentality of trying to get it right once. Don’t make a fuss, just think of acne. Acne is a long bag. If you get a pimples on your face, get rid of one. You don’t know where it will grow next time. If the same point grows out, kill it until the virus is no longer active, so be prepared to fight. Importantly, the speed of this cure depends on the autoimmune function, the weak and sickly process will be long.

4: What is the best treatment?

First of all, don’t believe the folk remedies, which are all based on dry warts. You don’t need to burn with vinegar if you have medicine. Any corrosive liquid is also a good choice. Even if you are not afraid of pain, you can use cigarette butts as well. You can do it by hand, just do a good job of preventing infection. If you don’t digress, you can say that the two most effective medicines for the outer wart body in the world are podophyllotoxin tincture and mikui, which are cheap and easy to use. This is recognized in the world. There is a drug to kill warts. The specific medication depends on the body’s tolerance. Originally, all treatment methods are to kill the warts. Note that it is not to kill the virus. The virus cannot be killed, so wake up and don’t waste it. Money, the money for treatment can buy more delicious food, eat well to improve the body is the same, if there is too long foreskin and vaginal inflammation, you can take symptomatic and combined treatment, and symptomatic medication with fungal candida, as for the body The anus and urethra can also be treated with drugs. There are methods for small injuries. The specific conditions are different. Various physical methods can be used. Drugs are all possible, but please remember to kill the virus. The injections and medicines are all deceptive and deceptive. There is no way to deal with the virus in this world. In recent years, there has been a lack of dialectical HPV vaccination and nursery. Do you think there is any awesome drug or method that can kill the virus? what? I think I can at least get a Nobel who can handle this.

It’s really not a collapsed disease. Think of it as a contagious skin disease. It will be good if you face the correct treatment correctly. I have to pay dozens of dollars to get it done by myself, not just for my own sake. I don’t know how I got it. No need to be clear, just get it right.

It’s not that my heart is really okay, you just think it’s acne, but it’s just a contagious acne that comes and treats the tip. It is strongly recommended to do an HPV check for women who see HPV6, 11, and HPV. 42, 43, 44 are the warts that grow out, 16, 18, 31, 33, 35, 39, 45, 51, 52, 56, 58, 59, 68 are the probability of cervical cancer. Males don’t care about them, females Pay more attention to the same thing. Now if you don’t know this, you will definitely get cervical cancer, so don’t be too sharp and scare yourself half to death. All hospitals recommend you to do photodynamics, freezing, laser, microwave, They are all for the areas in the anus or urethra that are not easy to apply medicine. The treatment time depends on the physical fitness time. The longer the treatment time. I have never heard of the cure. It is only the time. Pay attention to improve your body and strengthen Nourishment is enough. You can’t have sex when the symptoms of the disease are not eliminated. Hand Y is OK. If you don’t have an attack for half a year, it will be cured in theory!

I hope everyone can understand correctly, relax their mentality, and reduce the physical and mental burdens. Later psychological recovery is also very important. During treatment, it is easy to produce inferiority, anxiety, pessimism, fear and other negative emotions. Remember that you are still you after recovery. There is no difference. Finally, I wish everyone a speedy recovery! !

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