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The benefits of moxibustion on the belly for women? Many sub-health problems of women now plague us, such as dysmenorrhea, irregular menstruation, cold palace, breast hyperplasia, gynecological inflammation, premature aging, menopause, and various skin problems such as acne and spots. In the final analysis, the reason is that there is cold and dampness in the body, so where does the cold and dampness come from? I believe many people are not clear. The Home for the Elderly can tell you that a lot of it comes from your stomach. Why is the belly so important? The abdomen is an important part of the life point of the human body, and any animal or plant has a vital life point. Gong Han: “Women have nine colds in ten.” Women with gynecological diseases, uterine ovarian cysts, and dysmenorrhea usually have lower abdominal temperature (the body temperature is around 35 degrees), which is called Gong Han in Chinese medicine.
Gong Han Moxibustion Acupoint Map

There are many important meridians in the abdomen, such as the spleen and stomach meridians, liver and kidney meridians. The three meridians of Ren Chong and Du originate in the abdominal cavity. The blood in the abdominal cavity and pelvic cavity accounts for about 70% of the human blood flow, and the elasticity is small. Slow, a woman is yin and low temperature in the abdomen, the abdomen meridians are blocked with qi and blood stasis, the blood flow rate will be slower, the toxin cleaning speed will naturally slow down, and the accumulation of toxins has become the biggest damage to a woman’s body! Therefore, it is urgent for women to protect their abdomen. In addition to the dressing habits in life, moxibustion on the abdomen is also very necessary. Moxibustion is a traditional Chinese medicine treatment, and it is very simple and easy to operate. It is to use moxibustion strips to smoke and roast the acupoints on the skin surface. With the stimulation of the warm heat of the medicine, through the conduction of the meridians, it can provide warm ventilation. Blood has the effect of strengthening the body and eliminating evil. The following introduces some of the acupuncture points on the stomach that are warm and healthy, women should learn!
The longevity point on the stomach-Shenque point
Ginger moxibustion at Shenque point
There are many health points commonly used in the abdomen, first of all, let’s talk about Shenque point. Shenque acupoint is actually our belly button. Mild moxibustion may be better for nourishment. If you want to warm up and invigorate, use Shenque acupoint.
If you want to treat a disease, you can moxibustion Shenque once a day. After about 10 days of moxibustion, you can rest for 3 to 5 days, and then do the next moxibustion. If it’s just for pure health care, there is no need to continue moxibustion for 10 days, and moxibustion for 10 days every three to five days, as long as you can insist on moxibustion once a month.
Qihai and Guanyuan points for prolonging one’s life
Qihai Cave
From its name, we can understand the Qihai Cave, which is the place where Qi gathers in our whole body. Therefore, Qihai is also a particularly good acupuncture point for replenishing qi. Qi-deficiency symptoms such as collapse, thin body, exhausted viscera, fatigue, etc. can all be moxibusted at the Qihai point. The point below the Qihai Point is Guanyuan Point. Its function is similar to that of Shenque Point. It is a point for warming the middle and nourishing yang. However, Shenque point has a stronger effect on warming, that is, it has a stronger effect on treating gastrointestinal diseases; while Guanyuan point has a stronger effect on replenishing Yuanyang, what is meant by replenishing Yuanyang? It is to invigorate the kidney yang. The most common symptom of people with kidney yang deficiency is low back and leg pain, or backache and fatigue. Guanyuan point is an acupuncture point that is good at nourishing kidney yang.
Many of the girls have irregular menstruation, or menstruation is not coming, or menstruation is delayed. These can be treated by moxibustion at Guanyuan acupoint. As long as you feel that the Yang Qi is insufficient and the Qi and blood are not smooth, you can moxibus this acupoint. As long as we feel that it is a deficiency disease, we can moxibus the Guan Yuan and Qihai; if our body is not weak, we can often moxibus these two acupoints in order to make ourselves stronger.
Zhongwan Point for the treatment of spleen and stomach problems
What is the effect of moxibustion at Zhongwan Point? Moxibustion at Zhongwan point can maintain the spleen and stomach, and can also relieve the abdomen and lower the qi. In fact, we can know its effect by looking at its location. The location of Zhongwan acupoint is very close to the stomach, so this acupoint can mainly treat some spleen and stomach diseases, such as bloating, diarrhea, abdominal pain, bowel, acid reflux, vomiting, constipation, etc , In addition, it is also very effective for diseases caused by lack of appetite, dizziness, tinnitus, acne, lack of energy, neurasthenia and so on. As long as the spleen and stomach are not good, they can be treated by moxibustion at Zhongwan Point.
Everyone has a heart for beauty. While showing themselves, confident women should also pay attention to their health, take good care of their abdomen, do more moxibustion, keep the abdomen warm at all times, and let the cold and dampness have nowhere to hide. While the body is unblocked, from the inside out, the whole person will become more and more charming and beautiful!

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