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The spleen and stomach are the foundation of acquired nature, the source of Qi and blood, and the stronger the spleen and stomach will strengthen the resistance of the whole body. Moxibustion to strengthen the spleen and stomach can be used by most people in the treatment of allergic rhinitis, urticaria, and allergic asthma. It is green and healthy and has no side effects.
In the autumn and winter seasons, allergic rhinitis is a problem that bothers many people. Runny nose, sneezing, and watery eyes, how uncomfortable come. To alleviate allergies, we must actually start with raising Yang Qi and regulating the spleen and stomach.
Considering allergic rhinitis from the perspective of Chinese medicine, it boils down to one point, that is, our lack of righteous Qi.
Western medicine usually checks for allergens, checks that you are allergic to something, nothing more. Why is it allergic? Why are others okay? From the perspective of Chinese medicine, it is a lack of righteous Qi. From our popular language, lack of righteous Qi means poor resistance, so it is not able to resist external evils. So when you encounter weather changes, when you encounter flowers, flowers and grass, you will be fine when you encounter some others. What should you do with something uncomfortable?
At this time, you will find that allergic diseases are not just allergic rhinitis. All allergic diseases often involve insufficient righteous Qi. Where should we improve our righteous Qi?
1 Improve Yang Qi
First, find acupuncture points. With the Yang Qi of the Du meridian, we can work hard to find ways to improve the ability of the Du meridian to improve the Yang Qi of the whole body. Among the Du meridian, there is a very famous acupuncture point above Zhiyang Point, called Dazhui Point. This location is called converging of Yang Qi, which is a place where Yang Qi is very strong. It has a good function of promoting Yang Qi in the Du meridian.
How do we promote the Yang Qi of the Du meridian? My suggestion is to stick to moxibustion. When the disease is onset, sticking to moxibustion will have a good relief and healing effect.
Many people have seasonal allergies. For example, they start to be allergic around the beginning of autumn or the beginning of winter. In clinical practice, some adults and children are allergic to tears and snot. At this time, if you are very serious, Should you take medicine or take medicine, should you see the doctor or see the doctor, because it is indeed an allergic disease and it does take time.
For some allergic diseases, including allergic rhinitis, allergic asthma, and allergic urticaria, I usually ask them to treat them according to solar terms.
For example, one month before the onset of disease, early intervention, the vernal equinox, when the flowers bloom and the catkins are floating, many people start to have allergies, coughs, and runny noses. I usually ask patients to come to me one month in advance, and moxibustion for one month. He may be relieved a lot this year. At the same time in the second year, I will let him come to me again. That’s how he came for treatment.
In fact, you will find that allergic problems often take time to treat, but friends who insist on moxibustion will obviously feel that the onset time is shortening.
Moxibustion has a very good effect whether it is before or during the onset.
2 Regulate the spleen and stomach
Insufficient righteous Qi, in addition to considering from the perspective of the Du meridian, there is another way to consider it, which is to consider from the spleen and stomach.
We say that the spleen and stomach are the foundation of acquired nature, the source of Qi and blood, and the stronger the spleen and stomach, the stronger the resistance of the whole body. The second method is to make a fuss on the spleen and stomach. Moxibustion strengthens the spleen and stomach in the treatment of allergic rhinitis, urticaria, and allergic asthma. The method is very simple, green and healthy, without side effects, and most people can use it.
There is nothing better than moxibustion for warming tonic.
Spleen and stomach conditioning moxibustion: conditioning the spleen and stomach, strengthening the spleen and stomach
The stomach likes warming, and Chinese medicine believes that there is no better warming and nourishing than moxibustion, which can strengthen the Yang Qi and benefit the true Yin. The stomach is warm and very comfortable. Spleen and stomach moxibustion set: to invigorate the spleen and stomach, improve the function of liver and gallbladder release, and strengthen the function of spleen and stomach transformation.

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