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Epilepsy patients should not eat dog meat
First of all, patients with epilepsy should avoid some irritating foods. Because some irritating, greasy, raw and cold foods are overeaten, they are difficult to digest and easily damage the spleen and stomach, causing the patient’s appetite to decrease, and also irritating the spleen and stomach, forming an internal environment for the attack. Foods with strong irritation, in addition to strong stimulation of the intestines and stomach, can also stimulate the brain, make the brain overexcited, and cause epileptic seizures.
Foods that induce epilepsy should be avoided, such as: lamb, dog meat, rooster, wild duck, carp and other “fat” should not be eaten more; spirits, strong tea, coffee should be absolutely prohibited; pepper, chili, mustard, green onions, garlic, spicy condiments should also be appropriately limited.
In addition, patients with epilepsy should not eat some sugary foods and irritating foods. Patients with epilepsy cannot eat a large amount of sweets at one time, because after taking a large amount of sweets at one time, a large amount of sugar enters the blood, which will stimulate the body to secrete too much insulin (a hormone that can lower blood sugar concentration), so that blood sugar will drop quickly. Too low blood sugar leads to insufficient brain energy and triggers epileptic seizures.
Patients with epilepsy should limit the intake of potassium ,foods low in potassium include cole, small carrots, white radishes, celery, pumpkin, tomatoes, eggplant, shallots, cucumbers, winter melon, loofah, zucchini, duck pears, apples, Grapes, pineapples, etc.

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