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   When many people wake up in the morning, they will encounter such an embarrassing situation. They want to open their eyes, but find that their eyes are tightly covered by eye feces. They have to rub their eyes with their hands, only to find that the eye feces are actually brushed. I found that there was a lot of eye feces, and when I continued to open my eyes, I would find that my eyelids were so painful.

After waking up early, the eye feces will become silky and increase in eye feces. Is it normal? As mentioned above, if this happens only one or two days, there is nothing. However, if this is the case for a long time, it is obviously not normal. Such a situation requires attention. So what causes this situation? Got angry. Getting angry is a situation that needs everyone to pay more attention to. If the body’s internal fire is large, it may lead to increased eye feces and abnormal eye feces. Such internal fire may be caused by improper diet and improper rest, such as eating spicy and greasy food. Often staying up late and so on will increase the internal fire. For this reason, it is really necessary to get rid of the fire, eat lightly, and maintain adequate sleep.
There are many bacteria. If the eyes are exposed to bacteria, it may also cause the eye feces to appear silky and increase. For example, many people like to rub their eyes with their hands, and there are more bacteria on their hands. In this case, accidentally causing bacteria to stain on the eyes, increasing the number of bacteria, and need to pay attention. For this reason, in response to the increase in bacteria, the editor recommends that you do not rub your eyes randomly. In addition, in normal times, pay attention to cleanliness and wash hands before and after meals. There are many mites. When you sleep, you can’t live without the bed. But, sometimes, is your bed really clean? In fact, there are many mites invisible to the naked eye on the bed, sheets, and pillows. When you sleep, these mites quietly move to your eyes and cause your eyes to become infected. This may not be a good thing, which may lead to Increased eye feces, silky eye feces, etc. In response to this situation, the editor suggests that it is necessary to clean the sheets and replace the pillow towels regularly. Dry eyes. Of course, if it is an abnormality in the eye itself, everyone needs to pay more attention to it. For this reason, dry eyes may cause people’s eyes to see wind, tears, and photophobia. Such conditions have an impact on the eyes and eye film, making the eyes Increased secretions and so on. In this regard, it is necessary to apply heat to the eyes regularly.
Excessive use of eyes. Sometimes, when you wake up in the morning, you will find that your eyes are silky, there are more eye drops, or you may be overusing your eyes. For example, if you look at the computer for a long time or play with your mobile phone, your eyes will be affected. Pay more attention. For the eyes, we actually need to protect our eyes, so what should we do? First of all, the editor suggests that you may wish to look far, especially office workers, working for a period of time, looking far, looking into the distance, is helpful for eye protection. Secondly, in normal times, you can do eye exercises appropriately, which is also very good for protecting your eyes. Finally, when washing your face, it is best to avoid sharing towels with your family. It is better to be dedicated to someone.
Well, I have introduced so much. Why do you find that when you wake up in the morning, you find that there is a lot of eye feces and eye feces. This situation is undoubtedly abnormal. The cause needs to be paid more attention to. At the same time, correct protection Eyes are the most important thing. I hope everyone will not take it lightly.

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