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    Tonight, I was sitting on a stool, and then slowly felt a little numb in my legs. Then I searched the Internet about leg numbness
The problem of leg numbness

Causes of leg numbness
Leg and foot numbness are mostly caused by long sitting, standing and squatting in bad posture. Poor blood circulation in the legs and compression of peripheral nerves affects the normal conduction of nerves. The stimulation cannot be accurately and timely transmitted to the brain to remind us to change postures, so the legs and feet will become numb after circumcision. In addition, maintaining the same posture for a long time will also compress the tibial nerve or peroneal nerve, causing nerve palsy and causing numbness in the legs and feet.

Quickly eliminate leg numbness
Change your posture immediately and walk around in a small area for a few minutes; if you feel numb in your left leg, raise your right hand for 10 seconds, then lower it, repeat 3 times. If your right leg is numb, raise your left hand. The numbness can be relieved; change the walking posture , to balance the stress of different muscles and reduce the feeling of numbness; rubbing and hot compressing the numb area can also eliminate numbness.

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